Lash Cleansing Kit

Lash Cleansing Kit

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Keep your lashes longer!
Made especially for False Lashes & Lash Extensions.
Helps remove Sebum, Dust, Germs, and all makeup residue on eyes and lashes.
Oil Free & Vegan Friendly

Each Kit Contains:

  • 1x 60ml Foam Cleanser
  • 1x Lash Spoolie (Lash Wand)
  • 1x Cleansing Brush
  • Shake before use
  • Apply a small amount to lashes
  • Use Cleansing Brush to clean your lashes
  • Rinse Off 
  • Gently pat dry with paper towel or face washer
  • Use the wand to brush out lashes
  • Leave to dry in warm and safe place
Ingredients :

Water, propylene glycol, PEG-7 octanoic  acid, vitamin C, surfactan disodium EDTA


For external use only
Not suitable for use within 24 hours of eyelash treatment