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'Line and Snap' on your lashes has never been easier.
The waterproof Liner holds your magnetic lashes all day without losing hold.
Just apply, let dry (very important!) and snap your lashes into place.

Due to its Magnetic formula, this Liner is only available in Black. This can been used with any Magnetic Lashes.

Business Details

Processing time 1 week

Lashes sold separately

RRP: $29 AUD per liner

Potential Sales: 

10 Liners: $290

20 Liners: $580

30 Liners: $870

40 Liners: $1,160

50 Liners: $1,450

(Sales depending on your selling price)

How to Apply

      These instructions are considered when using both Honey Lashes & Liner together.

      How to Clean your Lashes